About Peel/Halton Co-operative Housing Federation

Who Are We?

Peel/Halton Co-operative Housing Federation (PHCHF) is a co-operative association made up of member housing co-ops and related organizations in the Peel/Halton area.

Members send delegates to federation meetings to represent their co-op, elect (or run for) the board of directors at the annual general meeting.

You can represent the interests of your members by adding your co-op’s voice to the co-operative housing movement. Our strength and longevity has endured because co-ops have joined together to create a strong federation, and we invite you to join us.

PHCHF is financed by annual membership dues, fees for services and revenue shared by CHF Canada.

Our History

In the Fall of 1981 members from several housing co-operatives throughout the Peel/Halton Region met to discuss the idea of creating an Inter Co-op Council. Over the next year a Steering Committee made up of representatives of most of the co-ops in the region had been trying out various political, social and organizational activities as a means of testing the interest of the broader co-op housing membership in the Council.

After the initial trial year, the Peel/Halton Inter-Co-op Council took its first steps in 1982 as a regional organization serving the needs of its member co-ops in Peel and Halton Regions. In 1984, we were officially incorporated and the name was amended to Peel/Halton Co-operative Housing Federation. Today, Peel/Halton Co-operative Housing Federation (PHCHF) is a member-supported organization representing more than 3,500 units of housing co-ops in the Regions of Peel & Halton and Dufferin County.

Members by Region (%)

Halton Region / 81 %
Peel Region / 72%
Dufferin County / 33 %

Our Mission

Provide effective leadership and foster the sharing of best practices through education, communication and the promotion of co-operative values for housing co-operatives in the regional municipalities of Peel and Halton and Dufferin County.

Our Values

We believe in the co-operative philosophy, and are guided by the following core values:

  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration

Our Organization

PH-CHF is managed by an eight-member volunteer Board of Directors. Seven from housing co-ops and one from a resource management group. PH-CHF currently employs one staff person.

Our Policy Statement

Peel / Halton CHF (the “Federation”) is committed to providing quality services that are accessible to all, and to communicating with all persons with disabilities in a way that takes into account their disabilities.

In so doing, the federation strives at all times to provide services in a way that respects the principles of:

  • Independence – allowing people with disabilities to do things on their own without unnecessary help or interference from others
  • Dignity – providing services in a way that allows people with disabilities to maintain self-respect and the respect of others
  • Integration – allowing people with disabilities to benefit from the same services, in the same place, and in the same or similar ways as others
  • Equality of Opportunity – offering people with disabilities an equal opportunity to benefit from the federation’s services and co-op life.

Find a Co-op

The Co-operative spirit is all about members working together.

Enjoy this time lapse look at members and volunteers putting together a playground at Frank McLoughlin Co-op in Brampton, ON.