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Below is a list of services that the Peel/Halton Co-operative Housing Federation offers:

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PHCHF answers questions on co-op by-laws & policy, day-to-day matters, community issues, planning, and other co-op related concerns. If PHCHF does not have the information readily available, we will obtain it or let you know where to find it.

Advice & Meeting Support

From time to time co-ops run into difficulty and we are here to help. We can provide advice, tailored education programs, meeting chair, facilitator or someone to help with problem solving.

Representation & Advocacy

PHCHF represents and defends the rights and interests of housing co-ops at the local level by:

  • Working with local housing networks
  • Building links with municipal government and agencies
  • Involvement with the co-op housing sector and other related groups

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

PHCHF has skilled facilitators that can help your co-op work through issues and provide advice to the board about handling conflict.

When co-ops have exhausted trying to handle the conflict on their own we can provide mediators for disputes between individuals or groups in the co-op.

Contact the Federation to discuss your needs.

TimeSaver – Contractor’s Reference For Co-ops

Co-ops contract professional services from appliance repair and audit services to underground garage cleaning and HVAC services. Businesses are rated by co-ops for price, quality of workmanship, professionalism and service so you have a guide to start from when you are looking for a reference. The TimeSaver is available exclusively for PHCHF members through the members only section.


We have an excellent team of qualified instructors and consultants who bring years of experience in the co-op housing sector to the PHCHF education program. PHCHF provides members the opportunity to receive education in a variety of ways.

Custom Workshop: A portable workshop tailored to your specific needs held at your co-op.

Scheduled Workshop: designed to help members manage their co-ops more efficiently and get the basic training they need.

Education Day: A one-day event that features a range of workshops and the opportunity to network with members and other co-ops.

On-line Learning: CHF Canada offers Board Basics on-line to co-ops. For more information click here.


PHCHF provides consulting services for Board mentoring, planning, problem solving, community development, and democratic decision making. A fee is charged for this service.


PHCHF can provide an experienced outside chairperson for a co-op’s members meetings or meetings of directors where an impartial chairperson is needed. This includes difficult meetings and special meetings. This service is available upon request from the co-op’s board of directors.

Co-op Name (required)

Date of Meeting (required)

Meeting Location (required)

Type of Meeting (required)

If you selected "Other Members Meeting", please describe

Other important information concerning this request. (Issues the Chair should be aware of ahead of time)

Please indicate when the meeting agenda and meeting package provided to the membership will be ready to be sent to the Chair.

Contact Person for this Request (required)

Contact Email (required)

Contact Phone (required)

Request is authorized by the Co-ops Director's at a meeting held on: (required)

Name of Authorized Co-op Representative (required)

Helpful tips…

  • There is no one available from within the co-op who can act or will be seen as a neutral chair for a discussion on a major agenda item.
  • The Board believes that the meeting agenda requires an experience level of chairing that is not available in the co-op for the meeting.
  • The meeting has been requisitioned by members and an agenda item on the requisition relates to a disagreement with the Board or individual directors.
  1. First, check your co-ops by-laws and rules of order for any requirements for using an outside meeting chair.
  2. A request for an outside chair should be the result of a decision made by the co-op’s Board of Directors.
  3. The request is submitted by an authorized representative of the co-op. See the Chairing Request form above.

PHCHF will notify the co-op office that the outside chair has been confirmed.

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Our Fee Structure

PHCHF provides a wide-range of services to member and non-member housing co-ops in the Peel/Halton area. Most of our services are provided at no charge and financed from member dues. Other services such as, workshops and consulting services are user-pay at a reduced rate for members.

Non-members of PHCHF may obtain education and consulting services at non-member rates.

Fees are charged for the services listed. All other services provide by the Federation to member co-ops there are no additional fees. Workshops are a flat fee per workshop. Meeting Chairs and Consulting Services – the co-op will be charged a 3 hour minimum, plus mileage (per km), travel and disbursements.

  • Members

    $55.00 / Hr

    3 hour minimum + mileage & disbursements.
  • Non - Members

    $100.00 / Hr

    3 hour minimum + mileage & disbursements.

Check out our Resource Library for various educational videos, important links and helpful downloadable information affecting co-ops today!