New Facebook Group for EOA


”You Hold the Key – Fix the Co-op Housing Crunch” This is the name of the new Facebook campaign group launching today – National Housing Day – for housing co-op members and supporters to voice their concerns about expiring federal operating agreements.

This new Facebook group gives you an opportunity to share your story about how this issue affects you and your co-operative community. Exchange ideas and stories to help persuade federal, provincial and municipal representatives to do something about this important issue.

Between 2014 and 2019, a majority of federal operating agreements with co-op and non-profit housing providers will end, as will the federal assistance delivered to low-income households. This issue is starting to cause hardship for households as some agreements have already ended. Across Canada, the affordability of 200,000 homes for 500,000 low-income Canadians will be placed at risk!

CHF Canada is advocating for a cost-shared plan for rent supplement programs to be delivered by provinces and territories (and in the case of Ontario, municipalities), so this will require lobbying at all levels of government.

Everyone can contribute to protecting co-op affordability! For more information about the campaign, go to: You hold the key!