Maintenance Worker

POSITION: Maintenance Worker – Terra Cotta Co-op

REPORTS TO: Manager / Co-ordinator and the Board of Directors

HOURS OF WORK: As needed, specific times to be scheduled by mutual agreement between the Maintenance worker, Co-ordinator and Board, keeping in mind the Co-op’s maintenance requirements.

The Maintenance worker works with the Co-ordinator, Board and maintenance committee to maintain the Co-op property in good repair. The Co-ordinator directs the Maintenance worker on a day-to –day basis. The Maintenance worker is not to accept requests directly from Co-op members unless it is an emergency. The Maintenance worker is responsible for the following activities.

  • Perform repair work as per work order forms issued by the Co-ordinator.
  • Removal of debris from vacant units.
  • Notify the Co-ordinator about supplies and equipment which needs to be purchased.
  • Advise the Co-ordinator concerning the need for major repairs which may need to be done by outside contractors.
  • Advise on and carry out preventative maintenance programs as established by the Co-ordinator and maintenance committee.
  • Provide the Co-ordinator with proper documentation of work completed weekly.
  • Purchasing of supplies, general knowledge on plumbing, electrical, drywall repairs, and lock repairs.


  • A wide variety of maintenance skills including carpentry, minor plumbing and electrical, drywalling, painting, and minor tile repairs.
  • Must have insurance coverage with liability of at least $1,000,000.00
  • Ownership of large vehicle to disposal site is an asset.
  • Flexibility and Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.

The individuals will be required to provide 3 current references and experience in the Co-op sector; if possible.

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