Membership Benefits

Co-op Support

Help and advice when you need it – answers to your questions are just a phone call away.

Representation & Advocacy

PHCHF represents and defends the rights and interests of housing co-ops at the local level by:

  • Working with local housing networks
  • Building links with municipal government and agencies
  • Involvement with the co-op housing sector and other related groups

Co-op Programs

PHCHF members get access to exclusive programs that make the most of your co-op’s money and support the future of your co-op’s members:

  • Co-op Cost Cutters
  • Co-operative Young Leaders
  • Diversity Scholarship Fund

Resources & Education

Our education program offers forums, scheduled workshops and tailored portable workshops at your co-op to support and foster healthy communities. These options are available for Boards, members and staff. Other resources include downloads and links to support your co-op’s management, governance and community building.

Services Designed for Co-ops

Our services are delivered by skilled instructors who understand co-ops. Most services are available to members without additional costs and are included in the member dues. Other services are provided at cost by charging a nominal fee. These services include:

  • Advice & Consulting
  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation
  • Meeting Services & Chairing

Helping People Find a Co-op

As a value-add benefit, we help place new members into co-ops through our Find a Co-op online directory. The PHCHF website sees a lot of traffic for people looking to learn more about co-operative housing and connecting with a co-op in their area.

For information on becoming a member of PHCHF, membership dues and additional benefits, please click here.

2024 Membership Survey

In 2024, PHCHF launched a survey of its membership to gauge the awareness and utilization of the programs and services offered. The goal was to identify where the members are seeing the most benefit and how we can offer even more value. Click here to see the results.