Emerging Issues in Co-operative Housing

Did you know? More than three million Canadians are in core housing need.

The Challenge: Rising rents + lack of supply = affordable housing squeeze

Today, rents in Ontario continue to rise out of reach for many low and middle income households. Rents have climbed 63% since 1992, and the average cost to buy a home in some parts of the province has more than tripled. But wages haven’t kept up.

After 20 years of limited development of new affordable co-op and non-profit homes, it’s no surprise that the cost of rent is out of reach for many. Over 170,000 Ontarians are on the affordable housing wait-lists; hundreds of thousands more in core housing need.

With a growing population, the pressure on rental housing will only increase unless we take steps to fix it. Young Canadians, seniors, new Canadians, Indigenous people, and people with disabilities are among the most affected.

We need governments to partner with co-ops and others to help build new affordable homes that will remain affordable for the long-term.

The Solution: Open the door to co-op homes

For over 5 years our focus has been on protecting our most vulnerable members in federally-funded co-ops from losing their rent assistance. Our You Hold the Key Campaign mobilized thousands of co-op members across Canada to speak up. Our campaign was a huge success, with the rent assistance secured in the National Housing Strategy. Now, we’re looking to the future of co-op housing.

We want to start building co-op homes again. To do so, we’re ready to partner with the province so that more people can enjoy the benefits of living in a co-op community.