CHFT Members’ Resolution:

Launching the Co-operative Housing Development Program


  1. THAT CHFT urge the federal government and the Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities to launch the Co-operative Housing Development Program without further delay. 
  2. THAT CHFT encourage The Region of Durham, the City of Toronto, York Region, and the province to voice their support for the Co-op Housing Development Program to be launched as soon as possible.
  3. AND THAT CHFT work with its members, the other regional federations, and CHF Canada to achieve this goal. 


  • Co-op housing is needed now more than ever. Housing co-operatives offer housing to their members at cost and operate on a not-for-profit basis. Research has shown that co-operatives offer greater stability and affordability over time compared to market housing. 
  • We were excited when the Co-operative Housing Development Program was announced in the April 2022 Federal Budget. However, despite the considerable time that has passed since, the co-op housing sector still anxiously awaits the launch of this program. Co-ops and sector partners are ready to build and acquire more co-op homes. 
  • The economics of new housing construction continue to be challenging. Delaying the launch of the Co-operative Housing Development Program has already increased the cost of proposed projects and will continue to do so. 
  • The government has already consulted with the co-operative housing sector which offered guidance on the needs of the sector, the practicality of proposed solutions, and identified strengths and barriers to proposed programming. 
  • Creating more co-op sector development capacity and increasing the supply and scale of co-operative housing via a dedicated and tailored co-op housing development program will help more people in Canada access housing that is affordable and meets their needs. This will advance the right to housing and bring more equity to Canada‚Äôs housing system. 

Watch CHFT Executive Director Tom Clement’s speech