Board Basics

Full-Day Workshop (CB-1)

Every co-op board acts as its own cohesive unit and, while each co-op is unique, there are some basic fundamental management concepts that ensure every board member has a consistent understanding of how to manage to success.

This one-day comprehensive workshop is ideal for newly created boards and for new board members. Guided by best practices of principled leadership, participants will learn everything they need to know to immediately make a valuable contribution as a board member.

This workshop covers the following:

  • introduction to co-operatives and co-op housing
  • an overview of co-op principles
  • providing principled leadership to your co-op
  • roles and responsibilities of board members
  • building a productive board-management team
  • board meeting management
  • navigating the decision-making process
  • basic financial processes
  • best practices for new member orientation
  • diversity and inclusion considerations member selection
  • overview of day-to-day operations of a co-op

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