Meaningful Member Involvement

Half-Day Workshop (CB-2)

Managing Projects, Initiatives & Events at Your Co-op

The co-operative housing sector has moved beyond the traditional committee structure. Members in co-ops are able to make valuable and wide-reaching contributions through projects, initiatives and events that drive progress and result in a greater level of satisfaction and enjoyment for co-op members.

Learn the fundamentals of organizing and project planning to ensure success for your co-op’s next special events, marketing initiative or community program. Explore how you can make a lasting contribution to your co-op with this informative workshop.

This workshop covers the following:

  • organizational structure of a co-operative
  • rights and responsibilities of membership
  • organizing initiatives that support your co-op’s strategic goals
  • creating initiatives that instill pride in your co-op
  • leveraging projects and events to demonstrate the co-op principles

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